NFL Considering Expanding Playoffs To 14 Teams, Cutting Preseason


Chris Mortensen is reporting that the NFL is considering expanding the playoffs to include 14 teams, going away from the traditional six playoff teams per conference format.

Of course it’s always about money, and the expanded postseason proposal would offset teams’ lost revenue from the elimination of a preseason game, and it also could lead to additional television revenues for the league.

Sources told ESPN that the changes could still be implemented as early as 2014 if the NFL can procure the necessary votes from team owners. The league also would need to establish a new preseason scheduling formula, get sponsorship agreements and resolves a few stadium lease issues, sources said.

The NFL’s competition committee recommended the three-game preseason model as the minimum necessary period for player evaluation and development, sources said.

The Playoffs are going to be exciting regardless of how many teams make it so I think that formula can definitely work.  It allows for almost half of the teams in the NFL to feel like they have a shot once they get in the tournament.