NFL Fines Cam Newton 10K For Visor Clip

Cam Newton Facing Fine

We reported Wednesday that Forbes magazine snitched on Cam Newton for wearing a visor bearing a prohibited Under Armour logo. Now, after having worn it for the majority of his career along with other Panther teammates the NFL has fined Newton, and only Newton $10,000.

H/T: Charlotte Observer

Cam Newton has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing Under Armour visor clips on his helmet.

No brand can have a clearly visible logo on the clip. There were no related fines for other players.

The Carolina Panthers have been issuing the visors to players for years because they say they are easier to use and Cam Newton isn’t the only player that wears it. So why is Newton the only player fined? Or better yet, why not hold the team responsible for issuing them to players? I know $10,000 probably isn’t that much money to Cam Newton, but the principle here is what I question.