No Timetable Set For Kobe Bryant’s Return


Kobe Bryant is selling his house.

It won’t be a Derrick Rose situation, Kobe will be back at some point, we just don’t know exactly when. Mitch Kupchak provided some details on how Bean’s rehab is going.

“No real expectations,” Kupchak said Wednesday, addressing the media in advance of the start of camp. “I do believe that [Bryant will] get back and he’ll play this season. You won’t be able to look at him and say that he’s hurt. In other words, some guys like myself when I hurt my knee, I always had a limp. You won’t be able to tell [with Bryant].”

“I don’t have a timeline,” Kupchak said. “I really don’t.”

I expect Kobe to be the same Kobe as always, because he is Kobe Bryant.