Ok St. Report Says Dez Bryant Had Tutors Do All His Classwork

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Part two of the SI report on the Oklahoma State scandal alleging paying players, academic misconduct, and sex for recruits was released today. Today’s release was all about academics and this is the part all of you crusaders for players only getting “paid” in educations should really be appalled by right?

Among the interesting things the article alleges, Cowboys star WR Dez Bryant came up since in 2008 he was named second-team academic All-Big 12:

In 2008, Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant was named second-team academic All-Big 12, a salute to players who best combine athletic and scholastic achievement. There is no disputing Bryant’s on-field accomplishments as a sophomore — he was second in the nation with 19 receiving touchdowns — but several teammates and two former assistant coaches scoffed at the notion that he would be honored for his academics. “You didn’t have no choice but to laugh at it,” says Victor Johnson, a Cowboys safety from 2008 to ’10.

According to Johnson and one of the former assistant coaches, it was well known that Bryant would not go to class unless shepherded, often by a football staff member, and that tutors did a majority of his coursework. “He just wasn’t supposed to be there. There’s no way he could do the college work,” said the former assistant coach. “Once he got there, he was connected with the people that would help him.” Calvin Mickens, a cornerback from 2005 to ’07, says he also saw tutors do coursework for Bryant.

Bryant, now with the Dallas Cowboys, denies that he had work done for him and declined further comment.

A couple things jump out to me though. Why are all of the former players speaking out about their former teammates and school? Do they get something from this other than being rats?

If the schools are doing the players such a great favor by providing them with a “free education” then why is the emphasis so heavily placed on just keeping the eligible to keep them winning games and making the school money?

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  • I have some advice to Dez Bryant. When the media asks you questions, SHUT THE F**K UP! Don’t talk to the press at all! If reporters try to chase you down, avoid them the same way Tiger Woods avoids black women!

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