Packers GM Says It Was His Fault Vince Young Was Cut


I think Packers GM Ted Thompson is trying to help Vince Young out, because if he wanted him on the team he didn’t have to release him.

“Frankly, it wasn’t fair to Vince,” Thompson explained during his Sunday news conference. “We threw a lot at Vince. A lot on his plate. He was a good teammate. The fault is probably mine. Should have brought him in sooner. The fault is mine.”

I think he is saying is that Vince Young couldn’t grasp the playbook in time and didn’t want to go into the season with someone who simply didn’t know what he was doing.

It’s hard for anyone to grasp a playbook in such a short period of time, but not it is unlikely that VY will get another shot.


The Packers cut BJ Coleman and signed Seneca Wallace this morning.

One thought on “Packers GM Says It Was His Fault Vince Young Was Cut

  • Just to let you guys know, NFL playbooks are as thick as a dictionary. I don’t think Vince Young will get another chance to prove himself in the league. There are too many quarterbacks in college that are going to be eligible in the 2014 draft. I hope Vince saved his money.

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