Peyton Manning: ‘Nice of the NFL to Give Philly 12 Days Off and Us 6’



The undefeated Denver Broncos will take on the Eagles this Sunday, in a battle of teams going in different directions.  The Broncos played on Monday night, while the Eagles last played on Thursday, September 19th.  Peyton Manning noticed the difference in off days, according to CSN.

“We’re coming off of a short week — it’s nice of the NFL to give Philly 12 days and give us six,” Manning told the media. “So we’ve got to handle that. We’ve still got some guys injured. So we’ve got to get some new guys playing. We’re trying to kind of weather that storm with our injuries. We’ve got to get ready for an unfamiliar opponent who has got a really good team at home next Sunday.”

Chip Kelly was asked about the comments and was none to pleased about the perceived advantage.

“We played three games in 11 days,” Kelly said. “I don’t care. We only worry about what we can control, and we don’t control the schedule.”

It will be interesting to see if the difference in off days matters when the teams square off on Sunday.