Pierre Garcon on RG3: “He’s Not Fully Healthy, Obviously”


I wonder if Pierre Garcon even understands that his comments aren’t helping the situation? I appreciate the honesty, but basically dumping on RG3 instead of maybe helping him out more, isn’t what I would call being a great teammate.

He’s not fully healthy, obviously,” said wideout Pierre Garcon. “He’s running more, but last year’s RG3 was a lot different from this year’s RG because of the knee.

“I don’t think he’s 100%.”

You put a brace on anyone, it is going to slow them down a bit, but RG3 isn’t playing horribly. The expectations were too high and when they build you up, they love to tear you down just as fast.

I think eventually the Redskins will turn it around and be competitive, but they should spend more time worrying about a defense that has given up over 1500 yards in three games and less about RG3’s knee.