Pistons C Andre Drummond & Nickelodeon Star Real Date After Twitter Romance



Ever since Pistons C Andre Drummond announcrd on Instagram that he had a crush on Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy, fans have been curious to know would the social media romance actually blossom into the real thing. Well it appears the fans now have their answer as TMZ is reporting that Drummond and McCurdy went out for a romantic night in LA last night.

TMZ staff caught up with the couple as they were leaving Madeo in West Hollywood, and though it’s still brand new, we now have confirmation that social media can help the seeds of romance to blossom. Drummond rolled out the red carpet ‘Pretty Woman’ style for his new love interest, including a chauffeur to escort the couple wherever they needed to go for the night.

I wouldn’t suggest everyone go the Twitter/Instagram route to find romance, but if it’s working for Drummond and McCurdy, then more power to them.


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