Raiders Terrelle Pryor Cries After Losing to Colts


Pryor has nothing to hold his head low about, but it is good to see that he cares. It is ok to get a little emotional, but just remember it is just 1 game after 15.

Considering what Pryor has been through in his young career, this is understandable. Pryor played well, he just needs to keep improving and stay in the film room.

He is a bright spot on the Raiders.

15 thoughts on “Raiders Terrelle Pryor Cries After Losing to Colts

  • He looked good. The mistakes he did make during the game were mostly mental. As CoachAllen wwould say they were coachable mistakes

  • After watching this game I am really proud of this team. They really seem to have heart and for the first time in along time seem to want to win. I have a feeling we are going to open some eyes when missing players get healthy and they gain some confidence!

  • RICKT23 I know your not a fan of OAKLAND RAIDERS because they will have over 60 mil in cap space and kinda hard to get 1st round pick when we make playoffs.OK maybe not but we could come close

  • A lot of knew players around Pryer this year, and they played well. As they play more games they will only play better. Raiders have always been hated on, but now more so. Simply because we have great potential. And that goes for this year!

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