Raiders Terrelle Pryor Cries After Losing to Colts


Pryor has nothing to hold his head low about, but it is good to see that he cares. It is ok to get a little emotional, but just remember it is just 1 game after 15.

Considering what Pryor has been through in his young career, this is understandable. Pryor played well, he just needs to keep improving and stay in the film room.

He is a bright spot on the Raiders.

15 thoughts on “Raiders Terrelle Pryor Cries After Losing to Colts

  • Pryor played really well and I tip my cap to him. If Jano makes that 48 yard field goal we would be talking about the biggest upset of the week 23-21 raiders. Great job, keep doing what you’re doing and the decision making will get better with time. Be proud you competed like that.

    • I am very proud of Terrell Pryor. He showed heart and that he cares. And he should hold his head high. Spend more time in the film room and remember Terrell, cannot take sacks in the red zone. They O-line did good for protection but they need to work on their gap blocks for the running game. And our defense player good, despite being held and the ref’s not calling them. GOOD JOB TERRELL! And good Al Davis saw the future again. You made him proud.

  • It doesnt even matter he played phenomenal out there against the colts who arent even bad. He should be proud of what he did. Hes sad because he feels like he lost them the game when in reality he is the reason they were even remotely close.

  • He’d better get the Costco sized package of Kleenex–there’ll be a lot of tears in his near future…

    • Dont u have a life instead of leaving messages on the internet of a team u obviously dont like.. buster

      • He is a troll but that was a funny as$ comment though.

        • dude is a lame

    • Keep your bitch comments to yourself Ken Blurton. Go somewhere where your wanted.

  • Raiders will have the first or second pick in next year’s draft. Hopefully they will draft Teddy Bridgewater!

  • The Raiders are still 2 years away from any cap money, until then they’re on a budget, and still able to hold their own against a playoff team. I’m impressed.

    • you shouldnt talk about my team you dont know too much the raiders will have over 60 mil in cap next cant be a raider fan!

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