Rapper Mr. Criminal Makes Horrible Entrance Music Video For Yasiel Puig (Video)


yasiel puig horrible entrance music


Yasiel Puig is a bit of a diva. Heck, if you spent the majority of your life on a tiny communist island then to become a millionaire before the age of 25 you’d be one too.

But with that said, what in the blue hell is a music video entrance? Players are known to pick music to step up to bat to, usually a five to ten second sample of a song to get them in the zone.

Puig has taken things to the next level, and enlisted the help of perhaps the worst rapper since Pitbull to make this gem of a song…you’ve been warned.

My ears…what was that?


  1. Would you rather have him come up to bat to perhaps LiL Wayne or K.Lamar? Or would it be ok if Mr.Criminal had on tight jeans? Listen to his song…its Legit, real and not from a studio gangsta.

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