Ravens’ Head Buster Sweet Pea Says She’s a Waitress at Strip Club, Not a Dancer


Sweet Pea is lying about one thing and telling the truth about another in this quote she made on Twitter.

I would like to clear up the fact that I’m a waitress & the girls on the pic aren’t a bunch of strippers. Jacoby & I had a verbal confrontation & that was it!!! I never hit him with a bottle & I wish ppl would stop spreading lies on the internet.

She is telling the truth about here being a waitress at KOD and that makes sense because would you really want to see her dancing on the stage?

Sweet pea Ravens 3

What she is lying about is busting Jacoby Jones over the head with a bottle. I independently confirmed that is true, she also maybe a call girl, but I will leave that up to you to decide.


  1. They came to some kind of agreement….everybody would deny what happened and no charges would be pressed….she probably got some money also……BTW…a thick chick like her is probably a good f*ck….just sayin…..her head game is also probably off the chain……

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