Ray Lewis Confused Why Ravens are Upset at Him Saying He Could Have Stop Sweet Pea

Ray Lewis needs to stop acting dumb, he knows why the Ravens lashed out at his comments. Lewis has a tendency to make everything about him and that is exactly what he did this time.

Bryant McKinnie and Jacoby Jones have been hanging and partying with Sweet Pea style strippers for years and Ray Lewis was never going to change that.

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That is why his former teammates were particular irked by his comments that the team was lacking leadership (a subtle way of saying they missed him), but now Lewis claims he has no idea why everyone is upset.

“I’m totally confused with how someone can take something and make more of it, when what I was saying was so general,” Lewis told USA Today. “If anybody takes offense to that, I don’t get it. What did I say that was so bad?”

“It’s like, ‘How can you attack your team?'” Lewis said of the gist of the messages. “I’m the biggest Baltimore Ravens fan there is. When I speak, I bring the locker room perspective. I don’t understand. Who did I attack?”

Lewis is used to pretending not to know things, since we still don’t know what happened to the white suit.

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  • Robert, I can’t believe you went there. Very unprofessionally written.

    • you were really expecting professionalism from this site?? well then the joke is on you. this site is more like a gossip site than actual professional news.

      • I find it ironic that you complain about the site in the comments of the site. That kinda defeats the purpose, no? Keep reading though!

        • awww. did i hurt your feelings mr.Smith ?

          the reason i come to the site is the same reason people go to TMZ and such. its entertaining. never said it wasn’t . but as far as profesionalism and objectivity ? uhm no .

  • I tell you these ex ballers get in those tv studios and switch up quick. Rev Ray was about Jacoby age when he was allegedly at a freakin crime scene, where two dudes got murked and his role in that is still debated. This was just about Rev Ray putting the spotlight on himself one more time.

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