Report: A Lamar Odom Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

Lamar Odon Khloe Kardashian 13

This is just getting out of control now.

Are people just making up things for 15 minutes of fame or is Lamar Odom’s life really this strange? While you think about that, here is the latest twist.

According to our insider, n freaky-deeky flick featuring Lamar and a hip-hop dancer is making the rounds at adult production companies. The reality star was tipped off to the film by a friend with connections in the adult industry. “[Khloe] wasn’t going to leave Lamar,” our source reveals. “She was trying to get him help and work on forgiving him in an attempt to save their marriage. But this is just too much for her to deal with.” 

At this point anything wouldn’t shock me and if this all plays out on Reality TV, I wouldn’t be surprised.