Report: Alabama RB TJ Yeldon to Miss First Quarter Over Throat Slash Penalty


NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas A&M

Alabama RB TJ Yeldon made headlines in last Saturday’s matchup against Texas A&M for mimicking Johnny Manziel’s money celebration and then following it up with a throat slash gesture. Unfortunately for him and the Tide, he is going to be paying for it by being suspended for the first quarter in this Saturday’s game against Colorado State according to CBS Sports.

Yeldon did issue a statement saying the following Monday after the game:

“I want to apologize to everyone for my selfish actions on Saturday. That is not the way I want to represent myself, my family and our team. That is not the way we do things at Alabama. This is something that I will learn from, and I will use better judgment in the future.”

It’s doubtful that Yeldon’s one quarter absence will make a difference in the game, since the Tide are 39-point favorites. It just serves as a learning lesson for the young man.


  1. Please remember the NCAA instituted the celebration penalty due to the University of Miami’s constant display of taunting opponents. During that time, the majority of Hurricane football players were black. If you want more information, watch the ESPN 30 for 30, The U.

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