Report: Alabama To Wear Nike Blackout Jersey’s Once This Season (Photo)


Are the Alabama Crimson Tide attempting to jump into the alternative jersey game?

The Crimson Tide are one of the few college football teams around who like to keep things simple and traditional when it comes to their uniforms.

Simple white or crimson top, and always white pants.

There is a buzz growing about the Tide hosting a blackout game with the fans of course in black.  The growing buzz also has the Crimson Tide rolling out in Nike Blackout uniforms for that game to be played sometime in 2013.

If you go to the shopping section of Roll Tide, you can clearly see a black No. 4 jersey on sale from Nike that is supposed to be a duplicate of a jersey worn in the ballgame.

I would assume that no such game is going to be held, and the Tide are simply trying to boost some jersey sales.


2 thoughts on “Report: Alabama To Wear Nike Blackout Jersey’s Once This Season (Photo)

  • Out of all the college football teams that I thought would stick with tradition, I thought it would be Alabama. I guess I was wrong. College football may be more popular than ever, but corporate greed is destroying the game. In case you didn’t notice, the Crimson Tide is sponsored by Nike.

  • Even if they wanted to wear those jerseys, I think they have been made illegal by the NCAA. I believe that the numbers have to be a completely different color than the jersey.

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