Report: Brian Urlacher is Upset Jay Cutler Hasn’t Called Since He Retired


Athletes get sensitive over the wildest things, and apparently Brian Urlacher is no exception. TMZ is reporting that Urlacher is feeling a little betrayed by his former teammate, Jay Cutler, since Jay hasn’t called him since his retirement. Urlacher recently sat down with Graham Bensinger and had this to say:

“I did not hear from Jay … out of all the guys I played with. I felt like I stood up for him a lot more than anybody else did over the past 3 or 4 years in the media … ’cause that guy takes a lot of grief.”

Really this is what Brian Urlacher is thinking about post-retirement? I actually have to wonder if everyone on the Chicago Bears roster did give Urlacher a call or is he merely being sensitive because Cutler is one of the more notable players of the organization. Either way, Brian needs to get over this one.  He hasn’t really had anything good to say about the Bears organization since retiring.