Report: Browns Interested in Johnny Manziel



The good news for the Cleveland Browns is that if they’re really interested in the star college quaterback, they won’t have to tank to get him, all they have to do is be themselves.

According to a report courtesy Yahoo! Sports via Peter King of Sports Illustrated, a member of the Browns front office was in attendance at Johnny Manziel’s game on Saturday, on a scouting mission.

Peter King reported via Monday Morning Quarterback and during the weather delay of the Sunday Night Football game that Cleveland assistant general manager Ray Farmer attended this past Saturday’s Alabama at Texas A&M game to scout A&M star quarterback Johnny Manziel. Manziel threw for 464 yards and he ran for an additional 98 yards against ‘Bama, and many experts and analysts expect that the young man known as “Johnny Football” will eventually declare for the 2014 NFL Draft. King had the following to say on the NFL prospect:

 “But Manziel, to many teams right now, would be undraftable because they’re scared of his mood swings and off-field questions. But it only takes one team out of 32 to fall for him. And some team will, unless he self-destructs between today and draft day.”

The Browns offence has been on life support for a while now, and is in search of a miracle. Brandon Weeden is turning 30-years old in a month and is clearly not the guy.

While Manziel’s issues are well documented, he has special talent and would spark a franchise that has been stuck in purgatory for years.