Report: Browns, Jaguars Have No Interest In Trading For Josh Freeman


This simply is an awful, awful time for Josh Freeman to have gotten benched.

Freeman whether he’ll say it or not is in a bad spot, and may never find himself as a starter again.  Freeman has to deal with being benched in a contract year with potentially the biggest and maybe best crop of young quarterbacks ready to enter the league in the same draft.

How excited are teams in regards to the 2014 NFL Draft class of quarterbacks?

Pro Football Talk via the Associated Press is reporting that both the Jaguars and Browns have zero interest in trading for Freeman.

The Browns aren’t, either.

Per a league source, the franchise that doesn’t seem to want its 2012 first-round quarterback doesn’t want Tampa’s 2009 first-round quarterback, either.

Teams simply have no interest in taking on the rest of his $8 million in salary and then possibly having to address a new deal with him next year.