Report: Eagles Nearly Traded For Kaepernick In 2012, Tried To draft Russell Wilson


In the midst of several great games going on in the NFL on Sunday, Adam Schefter reported some interesting and stunning news.

According to Schefter, the San Francisco 49ers were set to trade the then unknown Colin Kaepernick to the Eagles for a second-round pick prior to the 2012 draft.

Alex Smith had a strong year in 2011, and the 49ers reportedly were willing to move Kaepernick, believing Alex had taken that next step.

Schefter says the Eagles unwisely backed out because they believed they could get Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin. According to the report, the Eagles loved Wilson as a player, and “they geared their whole draft around him.”

The Seahawks were a bit wiser, picking Wilson 13 spots before the Eagles in round three.

If that report is accurate, then why did Andy Reid not use a second round pick on Wilson?