Report: FOX Sports Fired Craig James for Homophobic Comments


Earlier this month, we learned that new FOX Sports commentator had been mysteriously fired. TMZ has learned the real reason that James was let go, and it’s fairly odd. Usually when a large corporation decides to hire a new employee, there is some sort of background check involved, but somehow someone at the FOX Sports human resources department dropped the ball on this one.

Apparrently during a 2012 debate, James commented that being gay was a choice and that gay people “would answer to the Lord for their actions.” One of the big wigs at Fox Sports who chose to remain unnamed said:

“We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department.”

Either way, James is without a job, and now that his comments are nationally known, it’s doubtful anyone would want to pick him up.

3 thoughts on “Report: FOX Sports Fired Craig James for Homophobic Comments

  • How is what he said homophobic? Last I checked, words can’t get anxiety attacks from being around gays. They need to retire that term, because it makes no sense. It’s just a shaming tactic……the agenda is real. Fuck gays, and fuck their bandwagon advocates. What dick they suck is none of our buisness.

    • Sm h,
      It looks like the right wing T-bagger from Texas, Craig (I-never-wore-a-helmet-when-I-played-football) James is a fellow member of yours at the Westboro Batshit Church. Ignorant about gays, ignorant about god.

      As dumb as he sounds, I’m amazed that he lost the 2012 Republican primary for the Senate race in Texas. Talk about a Battle of the Brainless, Ted Cruz beat him. That race looked like a remake of the movie, “Dumb And Dumber”. Which is which is anybody’s guess.

  • Oh you homophobes, keeping it classy as ever.

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