Report: Jack Del Rio Wants The USC Job


Well that was fast.

Regardless of the mess Lane Kiffin made at USC, it’s still one of the top five jobs in america on paper.  In the aftermath of Pat Haden pulling Kiffin of the bus and telling him to take a hike, we now get the chance to really find out how great a job it really is.

Many potential candidates are expected to come out of the wood work and several will have ties to USC.  Adam Schefter is reporting that one former Trojans has already thrown his name into the hat.

Schefter is reporting that Jack Del Rio is definitely interested in leading his alma mater through the Kiffin fiasco.

Del Rio might be able to bring some discipline and Trojan culture back to SC.

One thought on “Report: Jack Del Rio Wants The USC Job

  • This is interesting because for years, Del Rio said he wasn’t interested. If this is true, why the sudden change of heart?

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