Report: Jeff Fisher Could Replace Lane Kiffin at USC

Jeff Fisher

Wishful thinking by USC fans/alumni or does this really have a shot at happening? It’s only September but it seems the writing might be on the wall for USC head coach Lane Kiffin. Unless the team runs the table the rest of the schedule, he could be on his way out the door as head coach.

Meaning some people have already started wondering just who exactly could replace Kiffin. ESPN’s Pac-12 reporter, Ted Miller, told Paul Finebaum that current St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher would likely be the favorite to replace Kiffin. Fisher, a USC alum, I think would have to have another poor season with the Rams to consider leaving the team.

Expect the Fisher to USC rumors to only get louder if the Trojans continue to struggle.

2 thoughts on “Report: Jeff Fisher Could Replace Lane Kiffin at USC

  • Except that the Rams are now a decent NFL team after all the rebuilding, and no one can win at USC without cheating.

  • Fisher has a 2 year get out of jail free card good anywhere in Tennessee after whuppin’ the dismal Steelers.

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