Report: Jets Releasing Brady Quinn


It seems as though the New York Jets franchise is where QBs go to die these days. The latest casualty is Brady Quinn. NBC Sports is reporting that the Jets plan to release Quinn today. Quinn’s time in New York was definitely short lived, but all may not be lost for him.

If the Jets stay with the current QBs on their roster, that will mean that they’re starting this season with on two healthy QBs on the roster; Geno Smith and Matt Simms. Mark Sanchez has been sidelined with a shoulder injury he suffered during preseason. Usually teams want to have 3 QBs just in case. Since Quinn is a vested veteran, him being on the roster on Sunday would mean his entire 2013 salary would be guaranteed to him.

It seems the Jets are playing a game to avoid having to pay Quinn his 2013 salary. Either they will resign him on a week to week basis, or they also stand a chance of losing him if he signs with another team. Either way, having a third string QB seems to be the least of the Jets woes, as no one seems to have an understanding of exactly what the organization is trying to accomplish.