Report: Mark Sanchez Scared The Jets Will Place Him on IR


Mark Sanchez Fu Manchu

It makes sense if you think about it.

The Jets are going forward with Geno Smith and they haven’t really hidden the fact that Sanchez wouldn’t even be on the roster if not for the salary cap implications, so what is the best way to keep him away from the team? Place him in IR and make him rehab Serbia.

Now that rookie Geno Smith has been named the New York Jets starting quarterback for the season opener Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a person close to ailing Mark Sanchez told USA TODAY Sports that the quarterback “believes the organization wants to see him placed on (injured reserve) and be done with him.”

The person added that Sanchez, who is nursing a shoulder injury, believes the Jets think “it makes it cleaner and easier” that way.

The person said Sanchez fears the “organization has turned its back on Mark and is prepared to move on. It is ready to start fresh with Geno.”

I don’t think this will happen now because Sanchez has leaked the conspiracy.


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