Report: Some In Raiders Organization Prefer Matt McGloin Over Terrelle Pryor


Terrelle Pryor is finally about to make the first start of his NFL career, and he reportedly is still dealing with doubters inside his own organization, hours before the season officially begins.’s Michael Silver was a guest on NFL Access, and said there’s “a lot of skepticism” about Pryor being the starting quarterback in Oakland. According to Silver, Pryor does have an ally in Raiders owner Mark Davis, who would like to see what the third-year pro can do.

Pryor was Al Davis’ final draft pick before the late owner’s passing in October 2011.

According to Silver, there are voices in the organization who believe McGloin gives the Raiders the best chance to win.

One thought on “Report: Some In Raiders Organization Prefer Matt McGloin Over Terrelle Pryor

  • These Pryor doubters are the subversives that have infiltrated the Silver & Black and they despise everything Al Davis. They want nothing more than to wipe away anything that invokes the memory of the biggest Raider fan to ever walk the halls of Oakland-Alameda Colosseum. They hate what Al Davis meant to the organization and to the Raider Nation and they know this will never be “their team” until they have swept away that history. Pryor’s success will only be a painful reminder of what they so desperately want to be rid of.

    R.I.P. Al Davis

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