Report: Steelers OC Todd Haley Meant No Disrespect by Signing Autograph ‘Chiefs Suck’

Todd Haley, Mike Tomlin

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we live in the internet generation where everything you do or say can be easily broadcasted in minutes to everyone. Todd Haley missed that memo, and now he’s feeling the backlash. CBS Sports has the story of Haley taking out some frustration at his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Haley was at a bar last Saturday before the Steelers matchup against the Titans. He was approached by a fan for an autograph and this was what he wrote:


Thanks to technology the world now knows that maybe there might be some hate in Haley’s heart for the Chiefs organization, but Haley came forward today and say this:

“It was no disrespect to the Chiefs. I wrote what I did in jest. I’ve never at any time said anything negative about the team that gave me a chance to be a head coach. It was between myself and the [fan], and we laughed. That was it. There was no other incident. I wrote something about my former team that I probably shouldn’t, so there was no incident. I was very surprised when I came to work this morning that it was an issue.”

Haley is learning the hard lesson that so many others have learned. Be careful what you or do because there’s always someone waiting to expose you.