Rex Ryan Went to See His Kid Play at Clemson, So Media Skiptized the Story

Rex Ryan Clemson

Everything that is wrong with the media outrage over Rex Ryan going to see his son playing at Clemson can be summed up in one sentence written by Mr. You Can’t Boo New York Daily News writer Manish Mehta.

By all accounts, Ryan has been a great dad, but sometimes the job must take precedence.

Story should be over right there.

Ryan won’t be able to attend any of his son’s games during the rest of the season. He had one opportunity to do so and since his kid is a walk-on who knows if he ever makes it to his second year on the squad.

He made a fatherly decision and if you think he should be crushed for that, then you are just another skiptized media member or fan who like to turn something out of nothing.

Is it unusual for coaches to not be in the facility on a cut down day? Yes, but is it unprecedented? Absolutely not and for people to rag on Rex Ryan about that is ridiculous. It would be different if he went to a strip club or caught with a DUI.

He went to see his son play football. NFL teams are always talking about family first, well this is a case where it wasn’t just lip service from the head coach.