Roddy White Calls Twitter Hater A ‘Disrespectful Little Peasant’


Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is in midseason form when it comes to his Twitter interactions.

White was on Twitter Monday and made a comment about it being Labor Day, and the Falcons were of course working.



Someone took offense to White making it seem as if an athlete who makes millions of dollar really puts in a day of work.  The young female let White know what he does is not work.



White of course has no filter, and dropped a ether bomb on the young lady.



Twitter of course got outraged that comment, and White of course apologized.


White definitely should have taken the high road, and ignored her comment.  I wouldn’t condemn Roddy White for his comments though.

To often we as society feel it necessary to judge and determine who works hard and who doesn’t.  No Roddy White isn’t a teacher, janitor, or anything like that.

Why do we as a society try and judge what is hard work, and what is not?