Ryan Braun Taken Off Cover Of ‘Jewish Sports Stars’ Book

jewish sports ryan braun


The biggest blow that Ryan Braun has taken to date? Perhaps.

Ryan Braun was taken off the cover of a kids’ book about Jewish athletes…crushing blow. Braun was slated to share the cover with gymnast Aly Raisman, but publication had to be pushed back three months after Braun was suspended for PED usage.

Via Deadspin:

“While Ryan Braun is a very talented baseball player and we were originally excited to have a contemporary sports figure of his talent and stature with such a strong identification to his Jewish heritage on the cover, there was no question that, after the steroids scandal surfaced, his image was tarnished and he was no longer appropriate to serve as a role model for Jewish kids.”

He was replaced by the great Sandy Koufax.