Shaka Smart Has VCU Basketball Team Do Navy Seal Training (Video)


If you want to play 40 minutes of havoc causing basketball on defense, than your team better be prepared to press, trap, and run teams out of the gym.

VCU head coach Shaka Smart is aware of his teams needed conditioning, and had the Rams take part in some Navy Seal training recently.

Smart, who has the pulse of his players unlike any coach in america right now, took part in the Seal training events.

This is the third time in as many years that Smart has put  his team through such an exhausting week of training. and It’s becomea  rite of passage to be a play at VCU.

Coach Smart emphasized that the Seal training was less about the Havoc defense, and more about team bonding, building mental toughness and developing a sense of accomplishment and pride before official practices even begin.