Shaq Says New Orleans Pelicans Name is “Terrible”

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Initially, I also thought that the nickname “Pelicans,” was a silly nickname for an NBA team, until I learned that the bird is a vicious, carnivorous, aerial menace in the animal kingdom.

Well according to SB Nation, you can count former NBA center Shaquille O’Neal amongst the many critics of New Orleans’ new name, telling the New Orleans Times-Picayne, that he doesn’t think the organization’s new moniker was a good one.

“It’s a terrible name. I told Charles on TNT, I don’t think I’ve seen a Pelican before. Pelicans, are they that big white bird? I would had named them Tigers, Crawfish or something. Pelicans — no. But I wish them well. I’ll be anxious to see how many jerseys they sell.”

I agree with Shaq but only in the sense that the name “Pelicans,” isn’t particularly sexy. But if the team goes out and win games then the name won’t matter all that much.