Report: OK State Paid Players As Recently As 2011, Sex for Recruits

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According to an upcoming report by Sports Illustrated, Oklahoma State will have several improprieties revealed dating back to 2000, with the most recent allegations coming form 2011. Among the allegations are that former assistant coach Joe DeForest paid players for performance as recently as the 2011 season. Oklahoma State had this to say:

“We’re aware of the Sports Illustrated project,” senior associate athletic director for communication Kevin Klintworth said Saturday morning. “We have been told by Sports Illustrated that there are no eligibility or NCAA concerns regarding current staff or players.”

According to the report, OSU has been told that 85 percent of the allegations concern events between 2000 and 2007. The statue of limitations on NCAA violations is four years.

The report makes the following allegations:

* Coaches and boosters paying athletes, including violations ranging from paying for jobs not performed, overpaying for jobs and strictly paying players for performance.

DeForest is accused of running a bonus program – paying players for specific plays – as recently as 2011.

* A environment of academic impropriety, from players not attending class to grade changing to tutors doing work for players.

* Widespread drug abuse and a drug policy that isn’t uniformly administered.

* Hostesses in the Orange Pride program providing sex to recruits.

The majority of these allegations come from the Les Miles era, but you never want things like this coming out no matter when they happened. I wonder if this will get resolved by the NCAA before Miami’s case.


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  • The extremely attractive women who host high school football and basketball recruits on campus are having sex with the under age boys? Happens all the time and I love it!

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