South Dakota Basketball Coach David Boots Retires After 25 Years

Dave Boots, Karim Rowson

Coaches come and go so it’s always so difficult to find those that will build a legacy and uplift a team. South Dakota basketball had found this in Coach David Boots. However, CBS Sports is now reporting that Boots, whose career at South Dakota had spanned 25 years, has announced his retirement. In a statement to the media, Boots said:

“For the past 25 years, I have enjoyed leading the Coyote basketball program. The time has come for a new face and new voice to now lead. … USD was truly a special place for our family. I would like to thank all of the assistant coaches that worked with me over the years and a special thanks to Coach (Joey) James and Coach (Chris) Kassin for their many years of commitment and loyalty. They made my job easy.”

Boots is only 57 years old and led South Dakota from Division II to Division I basketball in 2009. The list of his accolades as a coach go on and on, so it’s curious why with only a few weeks before the start of practices Boots has decided to end his coaching career at South Dakota. There doesn’t seem to be bad blood between Boots and the school as Athletic Director David Herbster said:

“Timing is never ideal and I know he didn’t reach this decision without careful thought and consideration. Coach Boots has left an impact on basketball in the state of South Dakota, and his 25 years of service to the game here on this campus has left the foundation of an incredibly strong program.”

Best of luck to Boots, and hopefully the Coyotes will be able to bounce back quickly and find a new coach.