Stephen Jackson Chokes Steve Francis At a Club (Video)

stack jack choke

Stephen Jackson is not stranger to fights. From the “Malice at The Palace” to teammates he has been in a scrap or two. In this video Stephen Jackson, who apparently is a rapper now using the name “Stak 5” is on the mic but something happens and he is choking Steve Francis.

The action starts at the 25:30 mark so I skipped to that for you all. I don’t know what Steve did or said but with Jackson’s track record, I wouldn’t do that again.

I should also warn you that its pretty NSFW language if you don’t put the headphones in.

8 thoughts on “Stephen Jackson Chokes Steve Francis At a Club (Video)

  • That club is what Hades must be like.

  • It appeared as though Steve Francis was intoxicated
    however I don’t know did he threaten Stephen Jackson
    or what.

  • Steve Francis was not phased as all…probably high as hell

  • Old ass footage. Last year

  • So there really is a hell. Its located in whatever the name of that club is.

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