Stephon Marbury’s Wife Confirms They Paid $1 Million to His Mistress


We broke the story on how Stephon Marbury’s former mistress Thurayyah Mitchell sued him for a million dollars because according to her, Marbury entered into a legal binding mistress contract (yes those contracts do exists).

Mitchell won her case and Marbury had to cough up the cash. Marbury’s wife Tasha is now a part of the Basketball Wives reality show (I assume to help pay the debt) and confirmed the story according to Bossip.

“It’s a true story…It happened. It’s over with. It’s in the past. Things happen. Why y’all get all…I saw Tami head ducking and dodging. What you ducking and dodging for?”

“It did happen. And I don’t have a problem discussing or talking about it. But it’s not gonna be something that I talk about forever ’cause it’s old, it’s stale. It is what it is…Listen, we all make mistakes.”

Let’s not give that child too much energy…Let her take her little money and keep it moving…She saw a come up and she ran with it.”

A little money?

I think we have to remember we aren’t all former NBA players, $1 million is still a lot of money especially to a woman who was a chef before she became Marbury’s mistress.

Nothing like a wife who brushes off not just her husband having an affair, but also paying off the mistresses. She fits in perfectly with the Basketball Wives.

8 thoughts on “Stephon Marbury’s Wife Confirms They Paid $1 Million to His Mistress

  • I think Stephon’s wife is an angel for keeping her head up and standing by her man. The same thing happened to Hilary Clinton and she did the same thing stuck by her man! You go Tasha you are a real CLASS ACT! Keep your family together. I’m praying for you!

  • According to reports, he paid the woman hush money so that his team and his wife would not hear of the affair after she made a sexual harassment threat. It makes a lot of sports fans happy to blame the woman in all circumstances, no matter what her actions (or non actions) are: sad state of events.

  • Tasha keep your head up and your eyes open. She was not the first and certainly not the last. Being respected is more important and also showing your kids what’s appropriate for a relationship.

  • Like they say: Money can’t buy you class. Everyone concerned looks crazy now!

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