Steve Smith Thinks Cam Newton & Young Panthers Players are Pressing

Steve Smith

Ever since Cam Newton has taken over for the Panthers they have had bad starts to the season. They normally pick it up toward the end of the season, but by then it is too late.

This year it hasn’t been any different and Steve Smith has a theory on it.

“What the current issue is, you have a young player pressing,” Smith said. “And what do I mean by pressing? You know when a young player, a receiver, if he doesn’t get a lot of passes, all of sudden instead of going down he fights for that extra yard, fumble. That’s what you’re seeing with Cam a little bit, … Young players do it. And he has to understand that. And that’s just part of being young. It’s not just a quarterback issue, it’s tight end, wide receiver, running back. It’s when you press and you have that competitiveness in you. You’re like, ‘Man, I can change things if I just throw it here, if I just do that.’ And that’s the only bad part about a young player is when they press. That’s what’s going on is that pressing.”

Something is missing, maybe it is coaching or players pressing, but they have to stop shooting themselves in the foot, if they ever want to be seen as contenders.