Steve Spurrier Says His Gamecock Team Isn’t Very Good Right Now

Steve Spurrier

Will the real Gamecock defense please stand up?

Coming off a loss to Clemson, Georgia had to face the Gamecocks and what some believed was one of the best defenses in college football lead by Jadeveon Clowney, and the Bulldogs made it look easy, shredding the South Carolina defense for 536 total yards. Needless to say head coach Steve Spurrier was not happy with the performance.

H/T: USA Today Sports

“Hopefully (the loss) brought us back down to earth,” said Spurrier. “We’re not a very good team right now. We’ve got to work hard to get our stuff together. We don’t need to worry about any kind of championships.”

“We need to beat Vandy this week. That’s what we need to worry about. … The way we performed (Saturday), it doesn’t look real pretty for us unless we change our ways around here.”

The offensive minded Spurrier, who usually takes a back-seat approach and allows the defensive coaching staff to operate without much interference from him, watched film from the game with both defensive and offensive coaching staff.

“I’ve watched (the film of the game) with all the defensive coaches and all the offensive coaches and (special teams coach Joe) Robinson,” said Spurrier. “We’re going to do some things differently. I can’t spill all the beans and tell Vandy what we’re trying to do. We’re going to try to be fundamentally sound. If we do that, we have a chance. If we don’t, we have no chance.”

Hopefully that gutting by UGA was a wake-up call to a SC defense that has been a constant bright spot for the Gamecocks.