Terry Bradshaw on NFL in London: ‘Nobody cares about that game’


This  Sunday, the Steelers and Vikings will face off at Wembley Stadium  in London, England. I actually forgot this was happening and Terry Bradshaw thinks he knows why. People don’t care:

“I think it’s the most disrespectful thing you can do to these teams, to make them travel over to London to promote our NFL product,” Bradshaw said during an appearance on WFAN. “You’re not ever going to have a team (relocate) over there. If you’re going to do anything, go to Canada every year — could be somebody (moves) up there eventually. But I don’t get it.

“Nobody cares anything about that game,” he continued. “The players don’t want to go. You can’t enjoy it. Now preseason, okay, have some fun. It’s regular season, so yeah, I don’t get it — never will.”

Well we know this is all about money and I think the fans have some interest in this. However, the players must really hate it but then again, is Roger Goodell really looking out for the players as he keeps pushing for an 18 game schedule?

It will be interesting to see if Fox pull Terry aside after these comments.

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  • Ask any Brit what do they care more about, the Pittsburgh Steelers or Manchester United.

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