Texas A&M Received $740 Million in Donations, I Wonder Why?

Johnny Manziel

There are two issues going on with Johnny Manziel and people are trying to blend them together, but they shouldn’t.

1- Manziel and all high profile college athletes make their universities a lot of money.

2- A lot of the NCAA rules are stupid, but stupid rules are still rules, so if you break them you should be punished.

So, while Manziel is partly responsible for this courtesy of Deadspin, doesn’t mean he can make a mockery of flawed system.

For the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, Texas A&M received a mammoth $740 million in pledges and gifts, according to an email sent out by chancellor John Sharp. When it’s all collected and finalized, it should be an all-time record for an American university. And make no mistake: it’s about football.

Let’s put that number in context: The previous year, when A&M was just a mediocre Big 12 team, the university’s fundraising haul was just $181 million. One move to the SEC, one stadium renovation drive, and one Johnny Manziel later, and donations went up more than 400 percent.

Until the system is corrected, you have to treat players the same.  Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel shouldn’t be able to get away with things than Dez Bryant couldn’t.

Have to be fair to everyone.

3 thoughts on “Texas A&M Received $740 Million in Donations, I Wonder Why?

  • You claim to live in THE REAL WORLD Yet YOU constantly DISPLAY THAT You Really DON’T Though!!!!! SMDH

    When has ANY MFing THING Been Fair regarding BIG BUSINESS Though O_o

  • I never knew Texas A&M alumni and boosters had that much money.

  • One more thing, every time I hear about boosters and billionaires donating to their universities, I can’t help but wonder why more black millionaires don’t donate to HBCU’s. If you have ever been to a HBCU football game or scene their athletic facilities, you know it looks like most high schools. The movie School Daze talks about this. I wonder why so many black celebrities don’t donate millions to HBCU’s.

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