The One Way Danny Garcia Can Defeat Lucas Matthysse


Danny Garcia face

Danny Garcia has to swallow his pride.

I understand we are men and as men we don’t want to be told that we can’t stand toe to toe with someone, but there are times that pride will get you KOed.

Danny Garcia is use to being the bully in the ring, the guy who takes two punches to throw the KO punch, but if he does that against Matthysse, he will end up just like LaMont Peterson flat on his back.

Garcia has the skills to box, he is going to have to do that, if he doesn’t his night will be short.

My official prediction Matthysse by 6th round KO.


  1. First you claimed D. Garcia was scared to fight Lucas. You used this picture as proof that Danny was scared and making a business decision in not fighting Lucas. Then the fight got made so it killed that argument. Now you almost claim to know Dannys fight startegy. Newsflash, Lucas has lost before. Whether or not you agree with those decisions he has been beaten. Danny has not. You are falling in love with Lucas’s power, ignoring his weaknesses and downplaying what Danny does well, which is throw power punches with both hands.

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