Todd Blackledge: ‘there was NEVER a football culture problem at Penn State’

South Carolina v Alabama

Why is it that everytime someone else has a scandal come up, Penn State people feel the need to bring up their issues and how the were treated unfairly? After the reports on Oklahoma State players getting paid, sex for recruits, and drug culture plus the  SEC players getting paid ESPN’s Todd Blackledge who went to Penn State had this to say:

I can only say this once for Penn State defenders, being paid to play football, using drugs, and sex to get recruits to come to a school do not equal child molestation that was rampant and covered up by your school because it didn’t want to hurt the football team.

In the name of Curtis Enis, please sit this one out Nittany Lions.

2 thoughts on “Todd Blackledge: ‘there was NEVER a football culture problem at Penn State’

  • How was the molestation “rampant”?? It was one dirty, disgusting old man WHO WASN’T EMPLOYED BY PENN STATE ANYMORE, not the entire team or staff. And the way Penn State was treated was unfair. The football team and the players did no wrong. The president of the university, Graham Spanier, the vice president, Gary Schultz, and Tim Curley that covered it up. No member of the team or coaching staff covered it up or molested anyone.

  • Somebody tell Mr. Blackledge that Penn State protected a chester for over twenty years. That is worse than anything that has ever occurred at Miami, USC or Oklahoma State. State Penn got off easy with the probation. Why? Because they’re in the Big 10. If they were in the Conference USA, I guarantee you they would have gotten the death penalty.

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