Tom Brady Blames Himself for Patriots’ Struggles


The New England Patriots are 3-0, and in any other city the fans would probably skipping work and talking about Super Bowls.

Just being good isn’t enough for the Patriots, and frankly they are that good of an undefeated team.  Tom Brady has taken steps to fix his disposition amid scathing criticism from pundits who ripped Brady for his body language.

Brady, showing his true leadership, says he needs to look in the mirror, and it’s him, not his young receiving core that’s causing the Patriots offensive struggles.

“I think throwing an interception right to a strong safety last week doesn’t help,” Brady said. “Especially two plays before, I had a wide open guy. I think plays like that are more the problem. I have to a good job finding the open guys, guys that are running free and then hit them. That will help our red zone offense more than anything.”

Brady said his own play must improve for the Patriots to score more points.

“We’ve definitely left some points on the board, just poor execution,” Brady said. “I’ve been one of the main culprits. Hopefully I try to improve that. You have to get down there and score points. Especially when you play good teams, you can’t leave points out there. Like last week, we had a great opportunity for seven points. Not only did we not get seven, we didn’t get any. You have to be able to capitalize on scoring opportunities.”

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  • Tom also said, “I wish we could go back to when our offensive coordinator was giving me the defensive play calls through my headset. Football was a lot easier back then.”

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