Tom Coughlin Not Happy With Hakeem Nicks Saying He Can’t Throw The Ball to Himself


Nicks is thinking about his next contract, so besides taking the L, if his stats fall off, he is worried he might not get a monster deal.

Tom Coughlin though didn’t like the comments he made after the 38-0 blow out to the Panthers and had this to say.

Nicks  was targeted once and ended the game without a catch.

“I can’t throw the ball to myself,” he said after the game.

Coach Tom Coughlin indicated that comment would bring a scolding.

“I’ll talk to him,” Coughlin said Monday. “That’s not a smart thing to say. He’s on the field. The quarterback was sacked seven times, hit fifteen times. Not a very smart thing to say. I’ll talk to him about it, sure.”

The Giants are the type of team that can look horrible and then snap out of it, but they need to get it together quickly and pointing fingers at each other isn’t going to help.