Tony Romo Says He’s Found “Something Special” In His Throwing Motion


Tony Romo was already one of the most scrutinized quarterbacks in the NFL, so he can fully expect to be analyzed on a daily basis now that he’s one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the game.

Romo is confident in his abilities and even let the world  in only a little secret he’s been hiding.  He altered his throwing motion.

Romo says that he’s found “something special” in his throwing motion.

 don’t want to get into all the details of it,” Romo recently told  ”But I really think it can be a positive change.”

“I really am excited about it,” Romo said. “It’s going to be a great thing.”

As we’ve seen with one unemployed quarterback that shall remain nameless, fixing your motion during practice or training is one thing.

Repeating that same success while in the line of fire is a totally different thing.