Torrey Smith Says It’s Only Bad Stripper Hit Jacoby Jones With Bottle Because of TMZ


The Baltimore Ravens are thirsting for leadership, and Torrey Smith may have just taken the team backwards another step.

A day after trying to weather the storm of Jacoby Jones getting slumped with champagne bottle by a stripper, the Ravens players tried to get back to the business of being defending Super Bowl champions.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith did something that he’s normally not known for, he tried to downplay the incident as nothing according to Pro Football Talk. 

“It’s only bad because someone went and ran to TMZ,” Smith said Tuesday at a Habitat for Humanity construction project, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.  “If no one knew, it wouldn’t be an issue.  We would resolve it in the locker room.  It’s resolved anyways.  We just have to deal with the questions from the media.  I think it’s funny that we’re doing this, building a home, one day after everybody found out about the other thing.  We all know it comes with the territory.  Everybody is doing a great job.”

Smith is right, it is only a big deal because TMZ got a hold of the story.  Now that the story is out though, any Raven that was on that bus should be ashamed of themselves for the situation, and for having that class of stripper in the vicinity.

Smith also took exception to Ray Lewis questioning the teams leadership amid the party bus disaster.

“We have great leadership, so to say because of one incident, that it’s a leadership issue, to me, is a joke because everyone is not going to always be around and incidents happen,” Smith said.  “Stuff happens in the locker room, stuff happens in the spur of the moment.  Now, if it happens every week, all the time, then that’s a problem.  For one incident to happen and say it’s a leadership issue when most of the team wasn’t there, it’s an overreaction.”

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  • Glenn,
    I think you went too far, as to say any Raven that was on the bus should be ashamed of themselves. We do not have all the facts of what happen, I think you are being too judgmental when you do not have all the facts, unless you were poppin’ bottles on the bus.

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