University of Texas President: ‘Mack has my support’


The good old dreaded vote of confidence or patience? University of Texas President Bill Powers spoke with the AP about Mack Brown and gave him support despite the struggles and calls for his job:

“Mack’s our coach,” Powers said. “He gets we had a bad week and he’s trying to fix it.”

“Mack has my support,” Powers said

These comments are on the heels of reports that Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds will step down at the end of the season. The program is a a tailspin right now and needed someone the calm everyone down but does anyone believe Powers is being truthful? The way I see it, unless Mack somehow recovers and wins the conference, he is gone after the season. I don’t believe they would fire him but work out a deal behind the scenes where he “retires.”

It’s time for new blood at Texas.

One thought on “University of Texas President: ‘Mack has my support’

  • THe state of Texas has an unlimited amount of five star recruits. The Texas Longhorns have one of the finest facilities in all of college football. There is no reason why the Longhorns should ever have a down year. Texas better beat Ole Miss and Oklahoma and win the Big Twelve or Mack Brown and his staff are gone.

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