US Open Exec Says He Doesn’t Want N*ggers Working Event In Leaked Emails



What happens in the dark always comes to light.

A series of despicable emails dating back to 2009 have leaked, from US Open security exec Scott Dennison.

The VP for special events at Contemporary Services Corp which handles security for the US Open repeatedly used the ‘n’ word in multiple emails–even going so far as to refer to black people as ‘scum bags’ and ‘worthless’.

The NY Post via Bossip reported the following:

…in the correspondence, some of which he sent through his CSC e-mail account. “No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day’s work,” Dennison wrote on Oct. 1, 2009, in reference to recruiting potential employees for the prestigious tennis tourney…In another vicious e-mail, Dennison discussed sending a “world renowned” German-shepherd trainer to Boston to check out a dog to replace one that had died. “If he likes what he sees he will fly the Dog to Denver. There he will do a great deal of bite work, off leash training and some n—-r eating exercises,” he wrote on July 14, 2011.

The shockingly hateful emails didn’t stop there. Dennison even went so far as to pen a mock testimonial of a former black employee, Sean Fielder.

“Yu sez brothurz, Mr. Gon allows the black man to be superior we run the place cuz we needs the money and Obama and Rev Sharpton allowed us to mix with the White Cr**kers at this event,” he wrote. “Come on down we can cheat, steal, eat food and sleep. Just like our new govt allows us to do, to get back at the white man for Slavery.”

Fielder is suing CSC in Manhattan federal court, alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. Dennison refused to comment on the matter.


5 thoughts on “US Open Exec Says He Doesn’t Want N*ggers Working Event In Leaked Emails

  • I bet my next paycheck most of the NFL, NBA and MLB owners feel the same way as this guy.

  • Shocked I tell ya what next we find out there are seven days in a week. Also this clown has been in charge of security for Venus and Serena

  • Why do we continue to pretend that white and black people don’t say disgusting things behind each others backs?

  • Does this ass bag still have a job?

  • Sean Felder , I was the guy who won 90,000 settlement on 1/29/15 at NYC US District Court.Judge Ron Ellis was assigned to case.Micheal O Neill was attorney,Sean Felder wants to thank BSO staff for taking my story and letting Blacks know how racists Scott Dennison was along with CSC Security.USTA,CSC Security owes me apology for racists rants of Scott Dennison.BSO should followup story,but I should be compensated because I spoke out to NY Post reporter Kevin Fasick about this.And NYC Village Voice news who 1st took my story in Sept 5th 2012 about how Comtemporary Security Services violated labor laws,slave mentality at US Open Tennis back then,USTA knew this,they got exposed too when Scott Dennison discriminated me 8/3/2010 when applying for seasonal work at 2010 US Open Tennis.Justice was served,how much will I be compensated to do followup story?

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