USC Fans Planning To Wear Paper Bags Over Heads in Protest

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USC fans are fed up with the Lane Kiffin Era(Error). After losing 10-7 at home last night to Washington State, fans are planning to wear paper bags over their heads in protest at next Saturday’s game against Boston College.

This really is rock bottom for the Trojans. The last time USC did this, they went 3-8 so maybe Trojan fans know what’s coming. I am sure most of them would sign up for 3-8 if Lane got fired.

3 thoughts on “USC Fans Planning To Wear Paper Bags Over Heads in Protest

  • Texas Longhorn fans should do the same!

  • That picture along with the USC Trojans reminds me of the old New Orleans Ain’ts!

  • I totally agree. SC has a really great team overflowing with potential. All they need is a good play caller and let the quarterbacks pick the receivers. Who calls a play to throw to into 3 man coverage. The way to clear Lee is throw to the other receivers. God knows we have plenty of them, and good ones too. How Many crossing patterns did we see, how many times did one go to the area cleared by Lee, NONE!!!!! Kiffen is locked to his plays, He has ruined one quarterback and now is trying to ruin 2 more. Its time to GET RID OF KIFFEN.

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