USC Meets With NCAA To Get Sanctions Reduced


I guess USC wasn’t kidding when they said they would like some scholarships back.  It turns out USC Athletic Director Pat Haden and Vice President for Athletic Compliance Dave Roberts spent the last two days in Indianapolis meeting with NCAA officials including NCAA President Mark Emmert. Here is part of the statement released by USC:

“During our meetings with the NCAA’s leaders over the last two days, we discussed enforcement and sanction issues impacting both the NCAA membership at large and USC specifically.  We proposed creative ‘outside the box’ solutions to the scholarship issues resulting from the injuries and transfers experienced by our football team over the past three seasons.  After candid discussions, the NCAA asked us to provide additional information and indicated it would study our suggestions.  Because time is of the essence regarding these issues, we have asked for the NCAA’s response as soon as practical.”

Pat Haden did say this meeting was pre-planned, not that we believe him. I am not sure what the point is anyway since their sanctions are basically over now. The NCAA has put themselves in a terrible position by ruling on, then changing their position on the Penn State ruling so quickly. They had to know the moment that was announced that other teams would come calling. This is a great PR move for Haden since the alumni has been clamoring for him to fight back and the Penn State debacle gave him an opening.

I would be shocked if Miami didn’t call next.

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  • I guess the NCAA isn’t too concerned about a university covering up sex crimes against children. If a student athlete makes money then the N-C Double ***holes get extremely upset! The last thing Mark Emmert wants is for college kids as young as eighteen to make money.

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